HP Carrier Training Website Outs webOS Netbooks

We were already expecting that HP is going to release new tablet PCs and smartphones carrying the Palm's webOS platform, and now we have confirmation that it will also produce webOS netbooks, as well. The information comes via an HP carrier training website.

The training video on the site, which anyone can sign up for despite its focus on carrier training (by filling in some fields with faux information) speaks of a friendly little product family consisting of tablet, smartphone, and netbook, all running the same platform and "speaking" to each other. The video says:
That's hot. Love it. Why can't I do all that stuff on my PC?

Maybe you will. That's the big idea.

If I could run webOS on my phone and a slate and a netbook...

And they all talked to each other and shared information.

A friendly little product family...

That connects you to the world in amazing new ways.

I'm in. Let's go

Today, let's start with the phones. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Perhaps the February 9 webOS event which HP has scheduled will be "tomorrow?" We'll see.