HP Buys Voodoo PC?!?!

In what could be one of the most surprising events in the industry the last few years, we are hearing news from the gang at Gizmodo that none other than HP has purchased Voodoo PC. Much like the scenario where Dell bought Alienware, HP will leverage the IP and customer base from the boutique PC vendor Voodoo PC. Unfortunately, we don't know many details at this time though you can be sure this will be all over the web shortly should it prove true.

Like when Alienware was abducted by Dell, we're dumbstuck by this buy. Voodoo PC, my personal favorite maker of exotic gaming rigs, just got snatched up by HP. Rahul and Ravi, you were rich before, but man, are we going to have to start reading about you in Forbes? And sweet baby Jesus, what kinds of watercooled, monster machines are you guys going to start building with a harem of HP engineers at your beck and call. -

Voodoo's CEO Rahul Sood has a few things to say about the deal over at his blog spot.  We suggest you head on over for an insightful read.  We've recently touched base with Rahul directly and in his words "this is no me-too transaction".  Clearly the move is targeted a taking the Voodoo line to new levels and it will bring HP's sizable resources to bare, while maintain the brand recognition and quality Voodoo has historically been well known for.

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