HP Announces Low Power Intel Atom-Based Gemini Server

HP is working hard at reducing the complexity and energy required to run servers via its Project Moonshot program, and the latest development on that front is the Gemini server, which will use Intel Atom-powered “Centerton” server cartridges, which is a format that allows for the use of a dense array of low-energy, efficient servers.

The processors feature 64-bit support and plenty of other features ideal for the data center, including VTx hardware virtualization, ECC memory, and an established software ecosystem (x86). HP’s Gemini infrastructure differs from a typical one in that thousands of servers per rack can share components instead of using dedicated components. The solution is designed to meet the needs of hyperscale computing.

Gemini will have a lot in common with HP's Redstone Platform, above

Although HP is using the Centerton cartridges and plans to use upcoming generations of Atom chips, the company said in a press release that it’s working with other processor makers as well, to generate features for “an extended set of workloads and will offer a wide range of density and performance configurations.”

HP just demoed the new technology at an event in San Francisco, so actual production isn’t coming until the end of the year.