HP Announces a Whole Bunch of New Laptops

At HP's invitation-only "Connecting Your World" media event in Berlin today, HP unveiled a slew of new laptop designs--some of which will be available in just a few weeks. Leading off the gaggle of new laptops is HP's Pavillion "dv" consumer series:

"The entertainment-packed HP Pavilion "dv"-series notebooks is adorned with a sleek, liquid-metallic HP Imprint 2 surface design, "magic chrome" touch controls that appear at the touch of a finger, and intuitive, one-click access to high-quality TV, photos, movies and music from nearly any location. The notebook series also features built-in HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection, which automatically stops the hard drive from spinning after it detects sudden movement, helping to prevent the loss of data."

HP Pavilion dv7 series

  • HP Pavilion dv4t: Intel processor, 14.1-inch screen, starts at $999, available in June
  • HP Pavilion dv4z: AMD processor, 14.1-inch screen, starts at $799, available in September
  • HP Pavilion dv5t: Intel processor, 15.4-inch screen, starts at $899, available in June
  • HP Pavilion dv5z: AMD processor, 15.4-inch screen, starts at $699, available in June
  • HP Pavilion dv7t: Intel processor, 17-inch screen, starts at $1,299, available in July
  • HP Pavilion dv7t: AMD processor, 17-inch screen, starts at $949, available in July
The dv4 and dv7 series include Blu-ray optical drive options. Additionally, HP is jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon with some of its laptop models:

"HP notebooks are designed with the environment in mind, with energy-efficient features and select materials for easier recycling. For example, several HP notebooks are available with the choice of an optional mercury-free Illumi-Lite LED display, which is lighter and more energy efficient than standard notebook display technology. HP has set a goal to remove all mercury -- a material commonly found in notebook screens -- from its entire notebook line by the end of 2010."

HP also announced updates to three additional consumer laptop models, albeit with less information and fanfare than the "dv" series:
  • Compaq Presario CQ40: AMD processor, 14.1-inch screen, "availability and pricing varies by region"
  • Compaq Presario CQ45: AMD processor, 14.1-inch screen, "availability and pricing varies by region"
  • Compaq Presario CQ50: AMD processor, 15.4-ich screen, starts at $499, available in June
Following on the heels of the consumer laptops, are 10 new business models, with HP's EliteBook model standing forth as the company's newest flagship business notebook:

"With a design inspired by aircraft engineering, the HP EliteBook is built for the corporate road warrior. It features a shock-resistant hard drive and spill-resistant keyboard to help defend data against bumps, drops and spills. It was designed to meet the tough MIL-STD 810F military-standard tests that measure levels of environmental reliability and operation at extreme temperatures of over 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit and below -29 C/-20 F, while withstanding vibration and high humidity."

HP EliteBook 6930p

"The inner magnesium shell of the notebook's HP DuraCase is equipped with a honeycomb pattern that is thermally bonded to anodized aluminum for a solid construction. The HP EliteBook also includes enhanced impact protection for a display panel that can withstand up to 80 percent more force to twist than display enclosures in older models. Additionally, anodized aluminum is used on the palm-rest surface with HP DuraFinish, a protective coating that is six times more scratch-resistant than previous notebooks. These materials also are highly recyclable, facilitating environmentally responsible disposal at end of life."

Despite all the extra protection, the 14.1-inch, HP EliteBook 6930p weighs only 4.7 pounds. For the true road warrior, HP claims that the HP EliteBook 6930p "provides up to 15 hours of combined battery life with [the] optional Ultra Capacity battery." The EliteBook series is to be powered by an Intel processor; will be available by late July; and estimated to sell at $1,179 for the base model.

Rounding out the new business models are redesigned "b" and "s" series notebooks:
  • HP Compaq 6530b and 6535b: Intel or AMD processors, 14.1-inch screen, 5.3 pounds
  • HP Compaq 6730b and 6735b: Intel or AMD processors, 15.4-inch screen, 5.9 pounds
  • HP Compaq 6530s and 6535s: Intel or AMD processor, 14.1-inch screen
  • HP Compaq 6730s and 6735s: Intel or AMD processor, 15.4-inch screen
  • HP Compaq 6830s: Intel processor, 17-inch screen
The only additional pricing information available is that the "estimated starting U.S. street pricing" for the "s"-series starts at $799.

That's a lot of laptops! Let's hope HP does a good job of differentiating between the plethora of models it will be offering, other than with price, screen size, and processor
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