HP Already Slashing Price Of TouchPad Tablet

At this point, there are really only a handful of ways to seriously compete with Apple in the tablet space; either create something so amazing that even Steve Jobs and company couldn't imagine it, or lower a tablet to a price point that's impossible to ignore.

Many have tried and failed on the first point, while most haven't even bothered to sell their tablets for much less than $500, right where the iPad starts. Now, though, HP is finally going for the price drop. The company's TouchPad was met with mixed reviews upon launch, but there's no better way to rekindle interest than to snip $100 off of the price tag.

For a limited time, HP's offered $100 in instant savings when the TouchPad was purchased through HP.com, as well as through "participating resellers in the U.S. (the savings may come either in the form of a reduced price or a gift card, depending on the specific retailer)." Those that have previously purchased a TouchPad in the U.S. between July 1 and August 4 (at HP.com or participating resellers) get something extra, too: a credit for $50 in the App Catalog to help customers get even more out of their new TouchPad.

The sale went on this weekend, but even today a $50 rebate still applies. It probably won't be long before the $100 cut is more permanent. Did any readers jump on the deal, and if not, why?