Howard Stern Picks BB Bold Over Palm Pre

Howard Stern has been a Palm Treo user for a long time, but (sorry, Palm) he hasn't migrated to a Centro, and he's been looking for a new smartphone. He's been considering the BlackBerry Bold, but Palm (who has been really tight about giving out Palm Pres to anyone) shipped him a Pre for a short demo over the weekend, but ...

But, at least for now, he's chosen the BlackBerry Bold. The reason, he said on his show, is because of lack of Lotus Domino (Notes) support on the Pre. He wanted to be up-and-running on Notes from the start, not waiting for Palm to add support.

Naturally, the Pre will come with ActiveSync support, but Domino and Lotus Notes, Palm probably never thought would be a deal breaker. You can bet they want Stern on the bandwagon, though, so this is probably not the last you've heard of this.

Admittedly, he's always got the ability to change to a Pre later, if he wants. Unfortunately for Palm, it would have been great if he could have been talking up the device on his show, right now.