How to Test FaceTime Even If Friendless

Do you find yourself alone at home every Saturday because you have no friends? Are you constantly scrounging for folks to do things with? If so, you might have trouble trying out FaceTime, one of the more demonstrable new features of the iPhone 4. After all, if you have people constantly drooling over your new hardware, but can't show off that primo feature, what good is it?

That is, in fact, the problem with FaceTime. You need a friend to use it with, and additionally, you need a friend with an iPhone 4. If you have that problem, but want to try it out, there's always Apple.

Yes, if you call 1-888-FACETIME (1-888-322-3846), you can talk to an Apple representaive live over FaceTime. They're currently available from 8AM to 8PM, CDT. Indeed, the test works, although we managed to try it with a real end users, as well.

Don't forget, to use FaceTime you need to be connected to wi-fi.