How To Switch Your Stadia Controller To Bluetooth Before Google's New Deadline

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Google is giving its Stadia Controllers a reprieve from becoming e-waste by extending the deadline for the ability to switch it to Bluetooth mode. The new deadline for owners of the controller is now December 2024, an extension of one year from the prior deadline of December 2023.

It’s a big deal as there are quite a few of these devices out in the wild after they went on clearance and quickly selling out as gamers were looking to get a new controller on the cheap. It’s a move that came after Google shut down its Stadia game streaming service, which the controller is permanently tied to if the device doesn’t undergo the process necessary to switch it over to Bluetooth mode.

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Fortunately, making the switch is easy, and will make it compatible with Android devices, Windows 10 and 11, macOS, and ChromeOS. Head on over to the website Google is dedicating to the device and click on “Switch to Bluetooth Mode” to start the process. You’ll be able to check the mode the controller is in or start downloading the update needed to make the switch happen. Just be aware that you’ll need a USB cable to connect the controller to a computer.

The decision to extend the deadline to 2024 is a welcome one, and not one anyone was expecting to see from Google. It’s a good for the environment that less of these controllers will end up in a landfill, and good for the company as a way to rebuild some goodwill after shutting down Stadia so quickly.