Here's How To Enable Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations To Delete History, Hide Your Unmentionables

Are you planning a surprise party for a significant other and do not want them to find out? Or maybe, you want to have a private conversation with a loved one about an addiction or illness. No matter your agenda, we are here today to show you how to have a “secret” conversation on Facebook.

First, what is a secret conversation? Secret conversations are encrypted end-to-end, meaning only you and the person you are talking with can see the messages. Both people in a secret conversation have a device key that they can use to verify that the messages are encrypted. If the users have the same device key, then their conversation is encrypted.

secret conversation start

Second, how do you use the secret conversation? Users can start a secret conversation by tapping “Secret” in the top right corner of a new message. Users can send messages, pictures and stickers, but not gifs, videos, voice or video calling or payments. Secret conversations also does not support group chats. Users can set a timer for their conversations to disappear or delete them all at once.

Secret conversations are currently only available in the Messenger app on iOS and Android and therefore will not appear on Facebook chat or When a user changes devices, previous secret conversations will no longer be visible. The technology used is similar to what's available in WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Allo

It is important to remember the old saying, however, “three can keep a secret if two of them are dead”. The person you are messaging could choose to share your message if they, for example, took screen shots. The conversation is also no longer “secret” if it is reported. The most recent messages will be decrypted and sent to the Help Team for review. Messages can still be reported a short time after they have disappeared.

Facebook’s secret conversations is currently only available for select users. It should finish rolling out within the next few weeks.