How NOT To Price Match

Often companies have very complex rules regarding price matching, but it hardly seems to justify some of the reported actions of a Circuit City manager toward a consumer named Emmett.  All this poor guy wanted was a price match on a GPS from Circuit City, and he ended up running out of the store before the police could arrive to kick him out, or possibly arrest him.

Here’s his story:

“...I drove down to the store, brought the GPS and the Costco ad to the checkout.  The teller called for a manager to override the price.  The manager declined to do so.   So I asked to speak with the store manager.  I was introduced to Brad, who later refused to give his last name.

I explained the situation to Brad, and he said he would not match the Costco price because it was a club.  I told him that I looked on the CC website and that it didn't say club prices were not eligible; and I reminded him that one of his employees ensured me that the price would be matched.

Brad said there are more limitations to the policy in a pamphlet.  I asked to see the pamphlet and he refused.  He then said it didn't matter what the pamphlet stated, because he made the rules in “his store.”

I persisted.

I asked again to see in writing where club prices wouldn't be matched.  He told me there was no way he was going to match the price and that I should leave.  I said I would gladly leave once he proved to me that the club portion of the policy existed.

His response: he called the police!

I was there with my 5 year old son, who became very scared by Brad's irrational behavior.  Of course, out of concern for my child, we left immediately.”

We can't be 100% certain that this story is completely accurate, and we’re watching the source to see if a Circuit City spokesperson responds. We can see why CC wouldn’t compete with a club or other pay-for association, but the response does seem to be over the top.
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