How Did That Make You Feel? Mood-Sensing Smartphone App Records Your Emotions

It may seem like most app stores are loaded to the brim with games, but the market has plenty of truly useful apps too, if you’re willing to dig in and find them. One app that could make a big difference for some smartphone users is Xpression, a yet-to-be-released app that will record a person’s emotions so the data can be shared with a mental health professional.

iTunes Mood Tracking Apps

There are plenty of mood trackers already out there, but Xpression will have a unique capability: it can listen to your voice to sense your emotions.

If Xpression works as well as its Emotional Intelligent Technologies expects, the app could provide doctors with much better data about their patients than they get from most patients today. Right now, doctors often ask patients who suffer from depression and other ailments to record their moods throughout the day. Of course, being human, patients sometimes forget to log their moods or provide inaccurate information. Xpression could improve the value of that data by recording a patient’s moods automatically.

How? By listening to changes in the patient’s voice that indicate happiness, sadness, anger, and other emotions. The data gets sent to a server for mood identification and is returned to the app. Don’t expect to see Xpression in the iTunes Store just yet, though. EI Technologies is working to build interest among insurance companies and governments at this point.