HotHardware Welcomes Baby IKC with TurboCute

You know, it's not often we actually get a little giddy around here about something new but when it comes to something (or someone) brand-spanking new like this, we just can't help our occasional over-exuberant ways.  World, say hello to HotHardware's latest addition to the family, Baby IKC with on-board TurboCute (TC) technology! 

Isabella Kathleen Chiappetta - Baby IKC Unveiled

At 8lbs 1oz, Baby IKC is just a tad heavier than your average netbook but she's most decidedly more good-looking and powerful.  Here we're observing her in full sleep mode.  Talk about impressive!  IKC runs at a tepid 98.6F and is currently a rather quiet and low-maintenance little machine.  IKC's manufacturing team is thrilled with the final product.

Congrats Adrienne and Marco!! 
(cue Stevie Wonder...)