HotHardware Video Podcast - November 12, 2010

In this latest episode of the HotHardware Video Podcast, Marco, Dave and Iyaz chat about AMD's upcoming low-power Zacate APU for netbooks and thin-and-light notebooks, NVIDIA's brand new flagship GeForce GTX 580 GPU, content blocking on GoogleTV from the major networks (and potential hacks and workarounds), and we also take a look back at hard drive performance over the last decade and a half to see how far things progressed over the years. We’re also still looking for entries in the “Name our Podcast” contest—check out the video for some discussion on a few of our current favorite entries...

Show Notes:
00:26 - AMD's Low Power Fusion APU: Zacate Unveiled
04:07 - Marco’s New Baby Girls: Sophia’s Specifications Revealed!
05:10 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580: A New Flagship Emerges
07:19 - Hackers Attacking Networks' Ban On Google TV
09:42 - Unsung Heroes: 14 Years of Hard Drive Performance
11:15 - HotHardware's "Name our Webcast" Sweepstakes - Win a Gaming Rig!