HotHardware Holiday Sweepstakes!

It’s that time again folks!  Time for another giveaway here at HotHardware!  We’ve teamed up with our friends at AMD and will be giving away prizes--including a complete small form factor PC--to three lucky winners. Instead of a straightforward sweepstakes, however, we wanted to have a little fun and get all of your creative juices flowing this time around.

We’re going to keep this one fairly open ended.  We want you all to stretch your legs, be as creative as you can be, and design the AMD / ATI powered PC (or PC component) of the future!  If you want to draw up a mini-super computer with an over-the-top graphics configuration--go for it!  Maybe you’ve got an idea for an awesome looking GPU heatsink? Or a funky new graphics card design? That would be cool too! Our main goal here is for everyone to have FUN, so anything goes!  And don't think you need to be an expert in 3D modeling to win. Like we said, we want you all to have fun, so just do your best with Paint if you have to!

In the end, the most impressive and creative designs take the cake, or components in this case!

First Prize


Second Prize

Third Prize

First Prize:
  • 1 x Fully Configured Micro PC
  •  Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2
  • CPU: AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core 9350e, 2.0GHz
  • Graphics: PowerColor Radeon HD 4670
  • Chassis: Thermaltake LANBOX Lite VF6000BWS
  • Memory: Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 4GB (2x2GB)
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar (WD6400AAKS) 640GB SATAII 7200 RPM 16MB Buffer
  • CPU Cooler: Scythe SHURIKEN
  • PSU: Enermax ETK500AWT Tomahawk 500W
  • Optical Drive: LG GBC-H20L Blu-Ray / DVD
Second Prize

  • PowerColor Radeon HD 4830
Third Prize

  • PowerColor Radeon HD 4670

Please submit your entries to and they must be posted in this discussion thread as well, so the community can check them out. If you're new, you can register for HotHardware, right here.  The contest will run through the 2008 holiday season and we’ll announce the winners Wednesday December 31, 2008. 

We're accepting entries from anyone across the globe for this giveaway--this one is not limited to US residents only.  As always, participation in the various HotHardware forum and news community discussions will have the contest gods smiling upon you, so get in here and chat it up. 

Good luck everyone!  Have Fun!