HotHardware Demos Samsung's Smart TV, Dave Makes Cameo Appearance

Although most of our time is spent hunkered down in the labs running benchmarks, taking and editing pictures, compiling data, working on page layouts, and of course writing, on occasion some of us actually get to go out into the real world and interact with people. I know. It’s crazy. But it does happen.

Fortunately for us, our fearless leader Dave spent some time with the folks at Samsung on one of his jaunts outside the lab. And wouldn’t ya know it, they ended up shooting a commercial...

Yup, that’s HotHardware’s own Dave Altavilla demoing the Explore 3D feature, available on Samsung’s newer 3D TVs. For a first-timer, I think Dave did a bang-up job. Heck, he even got the guy on the couch to get up rock out with some air-guitar action! Watch out ShamWow Guy--Dave's coming for you!

What do you all think? How’d Dave do in his commercial debut?