HotHardware and TechVi Video Podcast - Mar. 5, 2010

We are back again this week to talk about some more HotHardware with our friends at TechVi. Topics include the new 890GX chipset from AMD, Western Digital's SiliconEdge Blue SSD, some fun with ATI's Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition and 6-screens, and porting Quake II and Quake III to the Motorola Droid...

Show Notes:
0:25 - AMD 890GX SB850 Chipset Debut: Phenom II X6 Ready
1:15 - WD SiliconEdge Blue 256GB SSD Review
3:17 - Some Fun With A 6-Screen ATI Eyefinity Configuration
5:59 - Forget About Doom: Quake 2, 3 Up And Running on Motorola Droid
7:26 - Showing The Love: HH and Cyberpower PC Sweepstakes