HotHardware 7 Launch, Updated: Big Fixes Galore

January 2009 marked's 10th year of existence. Over the years we've gone through many site revisions but today we're giving you what I feel you'll find is our best site engine yet.  It's hard to believe actually that we've been on the net this long - long before the word "blog" was hip or even understood and well before the many of the computing, tech and gadget sites that exist today.  And what have we learned over the years?  I'd like to think we've honed our coverage for you to the extent that we're hopefully giving you a healthy dose of what you find most interesting and even some stuff that perhaps you hadn't thought as much about before but in a related way piques your interest as well.  At least that's the plan.  Please let us know your thoughts if we're not on the path completely in your opinion of course.  We're always tweaking things here -- change is goodness.

The other thing we've learned a bit about is what makes for a solid site engine.  This, like overclocking a processor under the highly controlled conditions of voltage, temperature and frequency, is an art form of sorts -- a harmonious and balanced chi, if you will.  Don't worry, we're not going to get all metaphysical on you now though.  The good thing about web site design and user interface engines, is that you can get near instant feedback on what works and what doesn't (right?).  Over the years we've listened.  We've hopefully learned as well and today we've put our knowledge-base thus far in motion.  So, again, what do you think?  Is HotHardware 7.0 the kind of place you'd like to spend some kick-back time on, while you gain a little cutting-edge insight and know-how?  We hope you like our new home on the net as much as we do but do feel free to drop a note in the suggestion box

If you find any bugs let us know that too.  We've got a mainline Raid cannon at the ready...

Update:  4:20PM, 7/22 - We're aware of the issue with the comments engine being off line and hope to return service shortly.  Also, when viewing the site for the first time, don't forget to clear your browser cache first to make sure you're getting the most recent update of the site pulled in.

Update:  7:43PM, 7/22 - Hi All.  News comments and a number of other issues should be resolved.  If you continue to have issues, please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and trying again.  And if you see anything else squirrelly, please let us know!  Thanks!
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