Honda Sports EV Concept Is An Electrifying Sports Car For A Connected Future

sports ev concept 1
Honda hasn't exactly had the best track record with hybrid vehicles, as we've seen with sales dudes like the original Honda Accord Hybrid, the Civic Hybrid along with the unloved CR-Z and second-generation Insight. But the company is still pressing forwards with its electrified vehicle efforts as witnessed by the debut of the new Sports EV Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

First off, let's talk about the styling of the all-electric vehicle concept. It's quite refreshing to see a new vehicle design that is devoid of obscene panel surfacing, slashes, gashes and tacked on fake vents (we're looking at you, Civic Type-R). The Sport EV Concept has smooth, flowing lines with just enough contrasting colors and detailing to avoid monotony.

sports ev concept 2

Honda isn't giving many details on the layout of the vehicle, but judging by its proportions, we would think that it is rear-wheel drive. It's built on a EV-specific platform and promises smooth performance and excellent handling thanks to its low center of gravity. That low center of gravity is most likely attributed to the battery pack being mounted low in the chassis.

sports ev concept 3

The Sports EV Concept also features built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, which is called the Honda Automated Network Assistant. Honda says that this arrangement is forged to "create communication that unites the driver and car". We can only assume that this is some type of semi- or fully-autonomous driving system or a way to further personalize the vehicle to your specific tastes.

honda urban ev concept
Honda Urban EV Concept

If the Sports EV Concept looks familiar, it's because it shares design cures with the Urban EV Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. That little runabout, which is based on the same EV platform as the Sports EV Concept, has been confirmed for production. The production Urban EV will arrive in Europe in 2019, and will launch in Honda's home market of Japan in 2020. There is no word on U.S availability at this time.

As for the Sports EV Concept, Honda has made no comments on the production potential of the vehicle, although it would be nice to have small, lightweight, back-to-basics sports car in the vein of the S2000 -- even if it is an EV.