Homemade RC Millennium Falcon Is The Drone You've Always Dreamed Of Flying

Here’s a dose of ”Rebel” goodness to tide you over while you wait for the next Star Wars trailer. A drone enthusiast in France recently graced YouTube with a few videos of a self-built quadcopter with a shell designed to look like the Millennium Falcon. It’s enough to make a Star Wars fan tear up. 

falcon 1
falcon 2

The drone features a blue thruster light, just like the “real” Millennium Falcon, and has bright front lights as well. Its creator, who goes by “Oliver C” on YouTube, has some serious modding skills. He details his builds at RCGroups.com, taking fellow enthusiasts step by step through the process of turning an ordinary drone into one of the baddest vessels in the galaxy.

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The shape of the Millennium Falcon presents Oliver C with some challenges, but he has the balance more or less handled by the time the spaceship – er, quadcopter takes its first flight outside. Oliver C says the batteries last about five minutes in the Millennium Falcon, as opposed to the usual eight minutes for the quadcopter without the Falcon shell attached.

The Millennium Falcon's first flight is a night flight, which shows off the drone’s lights. Check ‘em out.