Holy Hot Cup of Coffee, Tim Cook Charity Auction Blows Past Record

How much would you be willing to donate to a charity auction to sit down for a cup of coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook? If your answer is anything less than $605,000, then we regret to inform you that you're out of the running. The current winning bid now stands at $600,000 and the company handling the auction, Charity Buzz, requires the next bid to be at least $5,000 higher.

Apparently there's no shortage of wealthy individuals who have some burning questions they'd like to ask Apple's chief. When we first reported on the auction last week, the high bid sat at $180,000 with 19 days left to go, putting Cook in good position to make run at former U.S. President Bill Clinton as the person to bring in the most fundraising dollars in the history of Charity Buzz. That record stood at $255,000.

Tim Cook

Cook's auction has more than doubled the previous record, and there's still more than two weeks to go. Proceeds from the auction will go to The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, and the most expensive cup of coffee in the world will go to the person who ultimately wins the auction.

These are interesting times for Cook. It was recently rumored that Apple's Board of Directors might be looking for a new captain, but then Apple reported another successful quarter in which the Cupertino outfit made a net profit of $9.5 billion. Fickle investors who at times seemed impossible to please reacted positively to the news; Apple's share price is up around $19 since reporting its most recent financial statement.