Hitachi Unveils Roadmap For New Cloud Offerings

Today, Hitachi rolled out its latest cloud strategy, which will consist of three tiers: an infrastructure cloud, content cloud, and information cloud.

On the infrastructure side, Hitachi is planning to unify its server, storage, and networking silos in order to provide a dynamic, scalable foundation for essentially all levels of the cloud, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. To wit, the company is also introducing Hitachi Cloud Services, Hitachi Cloud Solution Packages, and a cloud management portal.

In terms of the second tier, the content cloud, the idea is to “free the data from the underlying applications and media” (so sayeth the press release) so that data with a lifespan that outpaces the applications that created it will still be available for indexing, searching, and discovery.

The information cloud part of things will be essentially powered by ParaScale technology (which Hitachi acquired just over a year ago) and Hitachi’s own Virtual Storage products and will “connect data sets, reveal patterns across them and bring to surface actionable information and new insights to business users”.

Hitachi’s Big Idea behind all of this is that data is valuable and multidimensional, and as such, it needs to handled as an asset with intelligence that enables it to be useful to businesses.

In a press release, Jack Domme, CEO of Hitachi Data Systems, said, “We realized early on the tremendous value that businesses could gain by putting disparate pieces of raw data onto a single platform where layers of intelligence could be wrapped around it. Through both internal R&D as well as strategic acquisitions, we have built a portfolio that spans the storage, protection and accessibility of data, transforming it into actionable information and providing customers with a 360 degree view to tackle their toughest business challenges.”