Hitachi to Release Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 4

Hitachi Maxell on Monday unveiled a wireless power transition pad and case intended for the iPhone 4. The no-fuss, cable-free battery charger has the blessing of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an industry group tasked with wireless charging standards.

On tap is the WP-PD10.BK and WP-PS10S.BK charging pads, with the former boasting enough real estate to charge two iPhone devices. Hitachi Maxell will also release the WP-SL10A.BK, which is essentially a wireless charging sleeve for the iPhone 4.

The WP-PD10.BK has two power transmissions, each one capable of sending 5W of power, while the WP-PS10S.BK has one. Meanwhile, the WP-SL10A.BK is rated at 2.5W and weights about 40g.

No word on price, though Hitachi Maxell says all three devices will debut in Japan on April 25, 2011.