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Hitachi announced today that it's equipping their 200GB Travelstar 7K200 hard drive with a bulk data encryption option. Information can be encrypted right as it's being written to the hard disk.
By taking advantage of bulk data encryption, users can scramble data as it is written to the disk by using an encryption key. They can then retrieve the descrambled information when and where they choose by using the same encryption key.

In addition, the Bulk Data Encryption option reduces the need for arduous and time-consuming data-erasing processes when it's time for a hard drive to be jettisoned and discarded. End users only need to delete their encryption key on the Travelstar to keep the hard drive completely unreadable and protected against data theft or malicious activities, according to HGST.

Dell and Alienware have already agreed to offer the drive on some of their rigs. Spiffy.  Hitachi writes in gibberish, and that's good.
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