Hitachi GST Ships Stylish Touro Hard Drives

Hitachi GST is a well-known storage company, but are they really known for style? They are now. The company's new line of USB 3.0 Touro Pro Desktop and Mobile HDDs are about as slick as they come, and each includes two levels of protection -- local backup and cloud storage. This unit is also shipping with the company's cloud access software, which enables users to access and share files from a browser, tablet or smartphone.

Every customer receives 3GB of online storage for free and for more storage there is an option to upgrade to a quarter of a terabyte (250GB) for $49 per year, which includes multiple computer protection. If you upgrade to a paid account, you'll receive the Apple iPhone or iPad mobile digital device apps for free. Those who use one of these drives for their local backup capabilities will find that the software runs quietly and automatically every half-hour, keeping your updates frequenty. They're also capable of working with Macs and PCs, and are available now.

The 500GB Portable Drive is going for $109.99, with the 750GB model going for $129.99 (both with 7200RPM drives). The others range from $79.99 to $229.99, with those fully detailed in the Via below.