Hisense And AMIMON Team Up On WHDI Wireless Streaming Accessories

Wirelessly streaming HD has been possible for years now, but until recently, most devices that accomplish that goal required a hefty down payment. Those solutions weren't for the everyman, and instead catered to homeowners with loads to spend on a wire-free home theater. But these days, things are different. Technology has evolved to a point where wireless HD transmissions are more mainstream than ever before, and one company has been there since the beginning: AMIMON.

That company is responsible for WHDI, a transmission protocol that enables wireless high-def transfers to take place. The company is teaming up with Hisense to introduce hree new accessories based on WHDI standard so that users can wirelessly connect HD sources such as their laptop of iPhone to their television in their living room.

The WHDI Transmitter Stick, WHDI Receiver and WHDI case for iPhone are all new this week, and all are being unveiled to the public for the first time at the Global Sources Electronics & Components World Expo, today through Friday at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. No pricing information is available, but this could definitely be the start of a trend we're in favor of. The fewer wires, the better!

New Hisense Accessories Wirelessly Mirror High Definition Content from Laptops and iPhones to the TV with AMIMON WHDI Technology

HERZLIA, Israel – APRIL 12, 2011 – AMIMON, the market leader in wireless HDTV semiconductor solutions, announced today that Chinese Hisense is introducing three new accessories based on WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) standard to allow users to connect HD sources, such as laptops, iPhones and other devices, to the TV.

Hisense will demonstrate a WHDI Transmitter Stick, WHDI Receiver and WHDI case for iPhone® at the Global Sources Electronics & Components World Expo, April 12-15 at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.

Visitors to the Hisense booth (#7M26) will observe HD transmission from a notebook computer to the TV via a WHDI Stick. This enables wireless mirroring  on the TV screen of any content available in the notebook, such as games, YouTube, Blu-ray movies, Hulu or any other PC application, including 3D, at resolution of up to 1080p/60Hz.

The demonstration will also include wireless mirroring from an iPhone to the TV. The WHDI wireless transmitter module, integrated with a mobile phone, presents the ultimate solution for wireless connectivity of uncompressed HD video and audio from the phone to any HD display, such as LCDs, plasma displays and projectors.

AMIMON’s WHDI wireless video chipsets provide an excellent user experience from these devices to the big screen with crystal clear picture quality, link robustness and low latency (less than 1mSec) for interactive applications. Uses include CE, gaming, business, network, conference and in-room and multi-room use in the home for sharing HD content with full coverage, through walls, no line of sight required.

"No other technology has been able to meet the same level of performance as WHDI. The affordability of wireless HD mirroring without compressing and without compromising video quality, along with AMIMON’s support and experience in China, make WHDI an excellent choice for the smooth development of HD products for the Chinese market," said Ehud Shchori, Director, Hisense Accessories Division.

"As one of the biggest CE brand names in China and one of the top TV makers, Hisense’s choice of AMIMON for these products is a testament to the quality and performance of our WHDI technology," said Shimon Greenberg, vice president of sales , AMIMON.  "Laptop and iPhone users will now be able to enjoy all their HD content, such as movies, games and apps, on the big screen with exellent user experience ."

The WHDI standard delivers the highest image quality for in-room and multi-room HD wireless connections, including uncompressed 1080p/60Hz HD video, at no delay. WHDI utilizes a 40MHz channel in the 5GHz unlicensed band.  WHDI includes support for the 3D formats required by the HDMI™ 1.4a specification and range of over 30 meters (100 feet) through obstacles and walls. WHDI supports HDCP revision 2.0, providing superior security and digital content protection.