HIS Launches '7870 Fan 2GB' Graphics Card with OC Software Bundled In

Hightech Information System (HIS from here on out) added a new AMD Radeon HD graphics card to its lineup today, the '7870 Fan 2GB'. The oddly named card sports a fairly aggressive design that makes up for the card's quirky moniker. More than just eye candy, HIS claims the custom cooler keeps the graphics card running 13C cooler than the reference cooler it replaces, and in an attempt to maim two birds with a single rock, it also runs quiet at less than 28dB.

While the cooling is different, HIS didn't stray from reference clockspeeds. The GPU races along at 1,000MHz and the 2GB of GDDR5 memory runs at 4,800MHz on a 256-bit wide bus. That's a bit disappointing if you've come to expect factory overclocks from cards featuring a custom cooling solutions, but in the absence of pre-OC'd clockspeeds, HIS does provide a tool to help you crank things into overdrive on your own.

The 7870 Fan 2GB ships with an iTurbo software assistant. With a single mouse click, the iTurbo software will initiate an auto overclocking function for a "slight performance boost." There are also one-click options to make the card run quieter and cooler, as well as advanced options.

HIS didn't say how much the card will cost or when it will be available. As a point of reference, the going rate for a Radeon HD 7870 graphics card is about $340 (street) and up. HIS sells an IceQ Edition that goes for $360 street.