HIO Project To Further Internet of Things Development With Tiny, Open Freescale i.MX6 ARM Board

The Internet of Things is coming, and there are increasing numbers of products designed to make the IoT reality more feasible and easier to build for. Enter The HIO Project, which offers an open hardware platform that features a tiny mainboard rocking Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 processor technology.

The premier portion of the project is the HIO-EMB-1200 mainboard which Habey USA describes as “a Post-it sized, Lego-like ARM based open modular platform for rapid prototyping, quick application module development, and fast time to market”.

HIO Project

The board is just 72mm x 80mm and includes the processor, RAM, iNAND flash, and HDMI and USB ports. It’s designed for expandability in 3D as it were, with 200-pin headers on the top and bottom that are ready for connecting additional modules.

Habey USA boasts that the HIO-EMB-1200 offers four times the processing capabilities of the Raspberry Pi. There will be additional I/O boards, daughter boards, and other modules coming that Habey USA will open up, and the company is hoping to develop a community around the platform.