Hide Your Galaxy S10's Punch Hole Cutout With These Amazing Wallpapers

Galaxy S10
Samsung's recently launched Galaxy S10 series represents the best of the popular smartphone line yet, with a gorgeous display, an excellent camera system, and some nifty features. There is that punch-hole cutout, though, which some people find annoying. If you are one of them, you can turn the eyesore into a showpiece by downloading specially designed wallpaper.

Users have been getting creative with the punch-hole cutouts, which is circular on the Galaxy S10e and pill-shaped on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Recently designed wallpapers do not just obliviously wrap around the front camera(s), they incorporate the cutouts into the design so that it looks like they belong, as part of the image.

Samsung is running with these user-designed wallpapers, which you can find in the Galaxy Themes store for the Galaxy S10 series. To view them, head to Settings and tap Wallpapers and themes, then scroll down to the section that has cutout wallpapers.

Galaxy Wallpapers
Source: Sammobile via Samung

These are not free, unfortunately, and you will need to log into your Samsung account in order to buy one. In addition, the selection is rather limited at the moment. Be advised that there is no refund policy on these either, so be sure you like what you are buying before pulling the trigger.

If you don't like what you see, or what to browse a free selection of alternatives, there is a thread on Reddit with a bunch of cutout wallpapers.

Galaxy Cutout Wallpapers
Source: Reddit via SpeddoBob316 (left) and vietlong273 (right)

Some are better than others, but there are several cleverly designed wallpapers, such as the ones above. You can also find some pretty awesome wallpapers by browsing through Matt B's Twitter feed. The bottom line is, there are ways of dressing up the cutouts on the Galaxy S10 phones if you don't like how it looks.

Thumbnail Image Source: Reddit via jdaclutch