Hey, Who Gave Me This Trojan?

Warning: After reading the following story from ZDNet, you may never be able to watch funny flash videos on the web without worrying:
"Cybercrooks who rig Web sites to break into PCs are getting better at hiding their malicious code, a security expert said Wednesday.  Increasingly the actual code, often JavaScript, used to attack PCs is hidden in Flash animations or scrambled so that anyone who examines the source of a page can't easily identify it, said Jose Nazario, a senior software engineer at Arbor Networks, in a presentation at the CanSecWest security confab here."
It's really amazing to see just how clever some of these attacks are getting, and also a bit unnerving. Perhaps even worse is the fact that these are only the 'known' hacks and attacks. That means that somebody ran into them and then figured out what was going on. Imagine the various nasty things out there that haven't been found and figured out yet, or are just now being cooked up in.