Hey Look, Hulu Plus is Finally Available on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Handhelds

Hulu Plus is available to watch almost anywhere, though up until today, Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners have been exempt from the streaming party. Not anymore. Hulu Plus has joined the Nintendo 3DS family with a "unique app" that's been designed to blend the Hulu Plus and Nintendo user experience by taking full advantage of both screens.

The clever implementation allows you to scroll through the various TV shows and movies on the bottom screen and then play them on the main display. You can also use the bottom touchscreen to pause, play, and seek. All of these options are available even when a show or movie is playing on the main display.

Hulu on 3DS

Like on every other platform, Hulu Plus remembers where you left off. What that means is you could be watching a show on your Wii U console at home, and then continue watching on your handheld console at another location (provided you have Internet access).

The Hulu Plus app is available now from the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS home screen. If you're new to Hulu Plus, you can sign up for a free 1-week trial on your 3DS by heading to www.huluplus.com/3ds.