Herman Miller's C2 Can be Both Hot and Cool

Is it a hairdryer or a shower head?. Actually it's neither. Shown in the photo is the C2 comfort device from Herman Miller and is part of “The Be Collection.” Though it looks simple, it is armed with patented technologies that enhance one’s personal climate experience. The C2 allows users to personalize air temperature and enhance air quality via its particulate air filter that is Greenguard-certified.
“The C2 is 41 percent recyclable, and businesses can count it toward environmental certification using the points-based LEED system. It also uses 90 percent less energy than a typical space heater.”
The optimal operating distance is 18 inches and can increase the air temperature by up to 32 degrees or decrease the air temperature by 8 degrees from the ambient air temperature. Users have control of the speed and direction of the airflow as well. Don’t get happy yet. Though small, this little gizmo will set you back a good $300. You probably won’t be able to convince your boss to pay for one of these, let alone twenty of them for your coworkers.
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