Here's How To Run Android On An iPhone Using A DIY 3D-Printed Case

Are you a disgruntled iOS user who yearns for the ability to run Android on your iPhone? We didn't think so either, but in the event that there is someone out there wanting this functionality, Tendigi might just have a solution to suit them.

At the moment, there is no product for sale; rather, Tendigi is just giving us a preview of what it's come up with, and has even detailed the build steps at its blog.

In the accompanying announcement video, we're shown a real iPhone running modern iOS that then slips into a special case to allow Android to run. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what's going on once a cable has to be plugged into the bottom: this isn't true Android running on an iPhone; it's Android streaming through from the case to the iPhone.

Because of this odd design, there are obvious quirks. The most noticeable is the fact that the Android OS doesn't scale to the entire screen, which could be a bug as the UI looks better suited for a tablet than a phone. Compared to the performance we see in the video of iOS, it's also easy to see just how awful the performance is with this case-based Android.

Tendigi iOS Android

In the prototype, a white piece of paper in the back of a 3D printed case hides a super small motherboard that runs Android. This then streams to the iPhone, via the Tendigi app, to allow Android to be seen and controlled on the screen.

Overall, this is a pretty neat design, but that doesn't mean that it's a useful one, especially since dirt cheap Android phones could be purchased by those who actually want to use Android as it's meant to be experienced.