Here's How To Qualify For Fortnite's $30 Million World Cup Prize Pool

Epic Games will make it rain in 2019 by awarding $100 million in competitive prize money to Fortnite players, starting with a $30 million prize pool for the Fortnite World Cup. Think you have what it takes to claim your fortune in the free-to-play battle royale game? You'll get to find out in a couple of months once the qualifiers begin.

To participate in the potentially lucrative Fortnite World Cup event, you will need to muscle your way through open qualifiers that run from April 13 to June 16. Epic Games will be staking $1 million in weekly payouts to eligible Fornite players, "with payouts distributed broadly."

"The top 100 Solo players and the top 50 Duos teams from around the world will join us for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City July 26-28 with a $30 million prize pool up for grabs! Each one of those players will be guaranteed at least $50,000 and the Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion will walk away with $3 million," Epic Games says.

A $3 million payday for being the champion is not a bad proposition for playing a game. The same goes for the guaranteed $50,000 minimum prize amount for each of the top qualifying players. If you're not into battle royale gamplay, Epic Games says it will also be hosting additional events at the Fortnite World Cup Finals with "fun custom challenges in different modes and formats," but did not say exactly what those will entail.

Epic Games will be awarding $1 million in cash tournaments every week through the end of the year, en route to handing out a whopping $100 million in total for 2019. That's pretty remarkable, considerable that Fortnite relies on in-game purchases to draw in revenue.
Side note: Epic Games will be hosting a battle royal ask me anything (AMA) session on Reddit today from 1-2 pm ET. One of the questions we would like to see asked and answered is how the developer feels about the newfound competition from Apex Legends, which has taken the free-to-play battle royale scene by storm.

We imagine the topic of in-game dances will come up as well, with people coming out of the woodwork claiming they invented some of the dance moves featured in the game and should be compensated.