Here’s a Homemade Life Size Super Mario Fire-Breathing Piranha Plant

Oy, those fire-breathing piranha plants from Super Mario; lose your concentration while gaming for one second to punch your brother or sneeze or grab a Cheetoh, and you were toast. A man with too much time on his hands, Caleb Kraft, has created a life-sized version that stands around six feet tall and actually spits fireballs.

He built the thing starting with a tube and a frame built from blue construction styrofoam; from there, he used spray foam to built up the body (or is it a head?) and form the lips. With a little spray paint, it actually resembles the piranha plant.

Of course, any junior high kid can slap together a paper mache plant; Kraft actually went as far as building a fire feature for his model. To achieve the effect, he used a cylinder filled with fine powder (“creamer) with a hose attached to it; when compressed air is forced through the system, the powder shoots up and catches a flame.

Mario piranha

It’s of course completely ridiculous, and Kraft admits that it’s rather ungainly, but he gets 100 points for doing it anyway. Flame on, Caleb.
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