Here's Where To Find Fortnite's Fortbyte 23 To Help Unlock The Singularity Skin

Fortnite Fortbyte 23
Epic Games introduced a new collectible item in Season 9 of Fortnite called Forbytes, and it takes 90 of them to unlock the Singularity Skin. All but six have been revealed so far. The newest one to be revealed, Fortbyte 23, can be found between an RV campsite, a gas station, and a monstrous footprint, Epic Games says.

While that is a helpful clue, it is not exactly a precise location. If you are having trouble pinpointing the precision spot, good news—plenty of others have found it, and streamers have not been shy about uploading directions to exactly where you can grab it. One of the shorter (yet still informative) videos was posted by YouTuber InTheLittleWood. Have a watch...

He switches to a map view at around the 41-second mark and points to where the Fortbyte 23 piece is hiding out. It's southeast of Pleasant Park, sort of halfway between there and Neo Tilted (west and little south of Loot Lake). There's a dirt patch on top of a mountain, and that is the spot you are looking for to collect the piece.

This is the 94th Fortbyte piece. So, technically there have been enough of them to collect and unlock the Singularity Skin. Not all have been easy to find, and so videos like this are a boon. Players also have to reach tier 100 on Battle Pass and complete various other challenges. Fortunately, no special items are required to grab this latest Fortbyte.

Have you been collecting these? if so, let us know in the comments section below how many you have been able to obtain so far.