Help Restore the Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge, a Non Profit Mission for Fans

A group of motivated (and distraught) Star Trek fans have banded together to completely restore the Enterprise D Bridge set that Paramount had destroyed after it finished filming Star Trek: Generations. The non-profit group reckons it will need precisely $240,000 to get the job done, the exact amount it's seeking on crowd funding site Indiegogo, which is just a fraction of the $600,000 the set originally cost in the 1990s.

If the group is able to raise enough funds and restore the Enterprise, it will open the project to the public for meetings, movie showings, fundraisers, tours, fan filming, and anything else they (and you) can think of.

"We will not just be restoring it, we will UPDATING it to be exactly as it was seen on the TV series with ACTUAL WORKING TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTERS CONTROLLING THE BRIDGE!," the non-profit organization explains. "It will be programmed in LCARS style, where people can warp, fire photon torpedoes, Red Alert, fight Borg, Romulans, Klingons, with the lights and sounds of the TV series. It will be the equivalent of a totally interactive video game, the likes of which has never been achieved!"

The project has a long way to go. At the time of this writing, the organizers have raised $3,733 with 109 days to go in its Indiegogo campaign. Some the incentives are pretty spectacular, however, such as the $100 reward tier that grants you access to a party on the Bridge before any celebrities or press will ever set foot on it. What's more, fans can dress any way they want, so you and your crew could roll in there in full Star Wars garb if you want to incite a riot.

Isolinear Chips

At the $120 tier, the organizers just added a set of Isolinear chips, along with the backer's name laser etched onto an Isolinear chip placed in one of the computers on the Bridge. The prizes (and donation amounts) get infinitely more awesome from there. Heck, for four grand, you can own a full size replica of Captain Kirk's chair complete with armrest controls.