Heavy Weapons Guy Singing "Let It Go" Is The Frozen / Team Fortress Mashup You Never Knew You Always Wanted

The song "Let It Go," from Disney's smash hit Frozen describes Queen Elsa's decision to embrace her own magical powers and abilities rather than continuing to hide from her people -- and herself. It's a turning point for the character and hugely popular; Let it Go is the first Disney single to break the Billboard Hot 100 Top Ten since 1995. So what happens when you take Team Fortress's Heavy Weapons Guy and send him on a similar mission of self-discovery?

Hilarity happens. That's what.

It would've been good even if the creator had just animated Heavy singing along to Idina Menzel's vocals, but creating Heavy's own personal lyrics and Autotuned singing (dubbed Heavina) takes the concept from clever to laugh-out-loud funny. This is Heavy at his thespian best -- from tender contemplations on the nature of violence to an enthusiastic embrace of self-actualization through combat, he reminds us that sometimes being yourself means charging up a giant staircase made of sandwiches, freezing enemies into solid blocks of ice, and crushing all opponents.

Let it go...Let it go....NOW IS COWARD-KILLING TIME!

You do you, baby. You do you. Massive props to ThatScoutIsASpy on YouTube, who had real potential as an animator / director of machinima.