HD-DVD Blows More Cash with a Super Bowl Ad

Is this a case of throwing good money after bad?  The HD-DVD Group is spending loads of cash on an HD-DVD Super Bowl ad.

The ad will feature Toshiba's three lowest-priced players, the HD-A3, A30, and A35, and is the biggest advertising move for any high-def disc medium to date, reports Home Media Magazine.

According to industry reports, the 30-second TV spot is expected to run Toshiba nearly $3 million.  It is a crucial move that Toshiba hopes will bring consumers to HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, which has a significant early lead in the format war.

If they want people to watch the ad, they'd better put it in the first half, as N.E. might be so far ahead in the second half everyone will tune out!

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