HD DVD: We're Not Finished Yet!

When Warner announced that they were going to go Blu-ray exclusive starting in June, it seemed that the outlook for HD DVD seemed bleak at best.  But it appears that a new strategy is forming, and the immediate goal would appear to be putting more HD DVD capable devices into consumer hands.

“One part of HD DVD’s new strategy is on lower prices and selling the hardware’s ability to upscale regular DVD movies. Graffeo explained the logic behind the new push, “Consumers right now are buying upconverting players – they are outselling the next-gen players combined by 10 to 1 every month. They are affordable because they are under $200 – the average price is $85 – and consumers want to see their movies better. So pricing is very important.”

As part of Toshiba’s new promotional plan, HD DVD hardware across the board dropped in price. Introduced on January 13, the price of the entry-model HD-A3 is $149.99, the HD-A30, with 1080p output, $199.99, and the high-end HD-A35, $299.99. Graffeo, along with the entire HD DVD Group, hopes that the entry-level HD-A3 will entice a whole new group of consumers.”

It might be possible to win more support from the major studios once HD DVD players are in more households.
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