Have Some Freakish Fun with Halloween Filters in Google+

Feeling a little bit freakish with Halloween just around the corner? So are we, and Google+ lets us get our full freak on with a new Creative Kit for manipulating photos. In addition to basic editing tools and semi-powerful filters already available, the Creative Kit lets you add all kinds of effects and text to your photos, including some ghoulish special effects courtesy of a Halloween tool kit.

To access the Creative Kit, just select a photo from one your photo albums, mash the Edit button, and select Creative Kit. This loads your photo into Google+'s editor where you'll find familiar functions like Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen, and Resize, but if you click the Halloween tab at the top, that's when the real fun begins.

There are all kinds of spooky effects and filters you can apply to your image, some more subtle than others. You can char your flesh with the Zombify 2.0 tool, add wounds all over your face and body, splatter blood on your shirt, give yourself fangs, add Halloween themed props, and a whole lot more. In the before-and-after shot above, it took us all of 2 minutes to transform that beautiful mug into a frightening (yet still sexy) hybrid zombie-werewolf.

It's a great time waster and yet another reason why Google+ rocks. And on that note, Happy Halloween!