Have A Safe And Happy Cyber Monday. Now Buy Something

Well, "Black Friday" has come and gone. But we who live on the cutting edge don't pay attention to such outdated calendar occasions. We go to work on the Monday after Thanksgiving, boot up the web browser, and buy, buy, buy.

Nothing evokes the holiday retail season more than shoppers lined up outside of department stores at 4:59 a.m., the day after Thanksgiving, waiting to snap up the hottest deals. The Internet has its own, albeit less visual, start to the holiday season: Cyber Monday. It marks the day folks return to the office after Thanksgiving, replete with access to superfast workplace Internet broadband connections. JupiterResearch forecasts online shoppers will spend $32 billion this holiday season, an 18 percent increase versus a year ago.

Of course everybody's only shopping while at work for internet bargains during their lunch hour and coffee break.

If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. It's on e*bay, you can bid on it. During your lunch hour.

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