Hasselblad Gets New Owner, Aims For New Markets

Hasselblad is a monster of a name in the camera business. Those who know cameras know Hasselblad, and they're well known for producing some of the highest quality cameras this world has ever seen. Of course, they're primarily used by professionals, so many consumers don't even recognize the label. In other words, these guys produce cameras that are thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not exactly the kind of products you would expect to find in Best Buy or Walmart.

But that said, the world would probably be a less exciting place without Hasselblad technology, and one has to wonder if things weren't on the brink of disaster for the company based on this news. They've just been acquired by Ventizz Capital Fund IV, LP, a private equity investor exclusively advised by Swiss- and Germany based Ventizz Capital Partners AG. Why would a camera company need to be acquired by a fund? That's the question, and we have to wonder what kind of changes are in store.

The release paints this thing really positively, but who knows. Announcing the move Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman & CEO said: "After eight years of ownership by the Hong Kong-based Shriro group, Hasselblad is now moving back to its European roots. History shows that for over half a century we have been the leading manufacturer and partner for photographers working in the medium format environment and seeking highest quality and ongoing innovation. In 2002 we pioneered the revolutionary Hasselblad H-Camera System - the most comprehensive digital camera system of its kind available today, with its unique advancements such as True Focus and instant lens correction in our Phocus software."

We're hoping that the company is making this move by choice, and we do like the hearing of "new markets" when talking about future plans. Hopefully they can break into a market that even more people can enjoy, but the year ahead will no doubt be interesting to watch for camera lovers everywhere.
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