Hardware RoundUp

Motherboards and Chipsets:
  • Desktop CPU Comparison Guide Rev. 6.5 @ TechARP
  • Intel Atom On Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE, Mandriva @ Phoronix
Memory and Storage:
  • Genius PenSketch 9×12 Graphics Tablet Review @ Futurelooks
Cases, Cooling & Misc.:
  • Verbatim TuneBoard Speaker Keyboard Review @ OCModShop
  • Nyko Wing Classic Controller for Wii @ OCModShop
  • Tuniq TR-1 thermal material remover Review @ FusionMods.Net
  • Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve C-MB03 @ InsideHW
  • Scythe Kaze-Maru 140mm Case Fans Review @ PCShopTalk

Via:  HH News Feed
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