Hands-On LG's V10 Dual Display Smartphone And G Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

We spent some time with LG today at the official unveiling of the company’s brand new V10 smartphone and new LTE-equipped Urbane smartwatch. Although the event was supposed to mark the premiere of both of these new devices, news actually broke Wednesday night with all of the technical details and tons of visuals. You can check out our initial coverage right here but today we got a live hands-on experience with the goods (make sure you hit that YouTube play button below).

LG Exec

The event in NYC began with LG President Frank Lee taking the stage to show off the V10. Unlike the so many flagship smartphones that have launched recently, the LG V10 retains a number of features that were popular with savvy smartphone users in previous generations, more specifically, a removable battery and expandable storage. The V10 also has plenty of RAM (4GB) and internal storage (64GB), and though its Snapdragon 808 processor isn’t on the most powerful currently available, it does pack enough punch to make the phone feel snappy and smooth.

LG V10 2

LG also focused significant attention on the cameras used in the V10. The front face of the phone features a pair of 5MP shooters, one with a 120 degree field of view and the other with an 80 degree FOV. There’s also a rear 16MP camera with laser-auto-focus, a color spectrum sensor, and both optical and digital image stabilization. The camera software on the V10 has also been tuned to leverage all of the shooters on the phone. Not only can all of the cameras be activated at once (for recording multi-view videos or capturing images), but there are a multitude of manual controls available right on-screen. There are plenty of options for tweaking the audio / recording too.

We’ve got some hands-on video of the LG V10 and the new updated LG G Watch Urbane with LTE-connectivity here, so be sure to check it out...

All of the pertinent features are covered here with the V10, like its dual-screens, the camera updates, build materials and design, and hardware specifications. LG also spoke to the new Urbane, but unfortunately the samples that were on-display and could be handled publicly, were non-functional. The only Urbane smartwatches that were powered up were behind glass. The watch clearly isn't quite ready for prime time yet.

LG V10 3

The LG V10’s 5.7" QHD IPS Quantum display screen was quite nice to see in action. Viewing angles were very good, and sharpness and saturation seemed excellent as well, though the lighting in the venue made it tough to adequately judge. We’ll reserve our final opinion when we review the V10. 

LG V10 1

The phone also felt good in the hand, thanks to its rigid, stainless steel construction and textured back. Even though the V10 retains the removable back and user serviceable battery of previous LG flagships, and it is relatively thin, the phone still feels solid and well put together.

G Watch Urbane 2nd Gen

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to say about the new Urbane smartwatch, since we didn’t get to actually play with a working unit. The form factor is right in-line with the original, and it definitely felt burly and solid in the hand. But, we didn’t get a close enough look at the display or get to experience its performance to form any opinions. We hope to review it soon, however, so stay tuned to HotHardware for the full scoop, when we have it.