Half Life Now Available on Steam for Linux and Mac

Valve’s breakout Half-Life series has become the video game equivalent of movie classics like Star Wars: the game just never stops being cool. Lately, Half-Life has been getting attention for the Source engine remake (Black Mesa), which gave the 1998 game a massive graphics makeover. Today, Valve quietly released the old-school Half-Life for Linux and Mac platforms, causing a stir among die-hards.

Half-Life In Linux

The game, which is available for $9.99 on Steam, hasn’t yet been updated to indicate that it supports Linux or Windows, but players are reporting being able to purchase and play the game on those platforms. You probably own it already on your Windows PC (if you’ve ever bought a version of Half-Life, the original game likely came with it) but it’s great to see the classic making its way to other platforms, even fifteen years later. If you’re at work and have to wait to download the game, check out some screen shots, courtesy of player Conzar.