HAL Exoskeleton Suit Hits Mass Production: $4200

With all this talk of the new Terminator flick, we can't begin to think of a more timely announcement for this particular news bit. The HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) Cybernetic Suit, described as an exoskeleton and designed to give average humans superhuman abilities, is just about to hit mass production. If you'll recall, we first caught wind of this very system way back in October 2006, and just now its creator is getting around to pumping these out with any semblance of regularity. And we guess it makes sense -- what's the actual market demand for a suit like this, anyway?

Founding company Cyberdyne has teamed up with Daiwa House in order to "begin mass production" of the cybernetic bodysuit that "augments body movement and increases user strength by up to tenfold." In other words, this bionic suit instantly gives you the ability to lift ridiculously heavy objects and simultaneously terrify any other human you come in contact with. We're told that the suit works by "detecting faint bioelectrical signals using pads placed on specific areas of the body," and then those pads move the HAL suit accordingly.

Right now, Cyberdyne is marketing these towards individuals with mobility issues, elderly individuals and those in industries where additional strength would really come in handy (construction, wrestling and bird watching, to name a few). So, we know you're dying to know how much this will set you back. Ready for this? Really ready? Around $4,200 whenever they exit production, and Cyberdyne will only build 400 per year to start.
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