Haiti Earthquake Victim Uses DSLR And iPhone To Survive

If you've kept even a loose eye on the national news lately, you'd know that the people of Haiti are still struggling mightily. The huge earthquake that rocked the nation last week impacted millions, including a few Americans that were on the ground for various reasons. Dan Woolley was there to shoot a film on the impact of poverty on the people of Haiti, and he just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The earthquake struck, and moments later he found himself buried tight beneath loads of rock which he could not get out from under himself.

Believe it or not, he's crediting a digital camera and an iPhone to his survival. During the crumble, he managed to get cut up fairly bad and fracture his leg; without any medical knowledge, he wouldn't have any idea how to care for himself in his own time of need. He was able to use the focusing light on his DSLR in order to light his way and shuffle out from where he was, all while taking pictures of his surroundings. His iPhone came in handy when he pulled up the first-aid app that he had loaded on previously. The app led him to make the right moves in bracing his leg, and it also told him not to fall asleep if he was nearing shock. Because of that, he set his alarm to ring every 20 minutes.

Today, Don is alive and well to tell the story. He was rescued after 65 hours of laying helpless, but there's a good chance he wouldn't have lasted that long without a few good gadgets hanging around. You never know when the things you take for granted will be your lifesaver, do you?