Hacktivist Group Anonymous Founds Social Networking Site

After having its Google+ profile removed for community standards violations, hacker collective Anonymous has decided to try the social networking thing for itself.

The site, currently running under the temporary name of AnonPlus, is only a splash page at this point, with a message explaining the intent and goals of the site. Primarily, Anonymous wants a site where there will be no fear of "censorship," "blackout," or "holding back." They also mention that the site will be open to anyone that wants to join and not just to members of Anonymous.

"This project is not overnight and will take many of those out there who simply want a better internet," notes the message. "We will not be stopped by those looking to troll or those willing to stop the spreading of the truth."

Earlier this month, the collective made headlines after having launched several online attacks against police union websites in Arizona, claiming the attacks to be in protest of the state's immigration laws. The attacks inevitably led to Anonymous being labeled a "cyber terrorism group" by the Arizona Department of Public safety.

More recently, they claimed credit for an attack against military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, in which the email addresses and passwords of 90,000 military personnel were compromised, along with the exposure of potentially illegal surveillance projects and political corruption.