Hackers Deface Tesla Website, Hijack Tesla And Elon Musk’s Twitter Accounts

Tesla might seem like it's an invincible company lately, but when it comes to software and social media, it shares the same risks us common folk do, something yesterday's events help emphasize. Nowadays, it's not at all surprising to learn that some company's Twitter account had its security breached, and likewise, it's not surprising to learn that it's happened to Tesla. But where this gets a little unique is with the fact that Elon Musk's Twitter was also broken into, and if that wasn't enough, Tesla's website was compromised, as well.

Tesla Website

It's clear that those who defaced Tesla's website are not talented designers, but I guess it gets their point across. There are a couple of Twitter profiles linked to of seemingly innocent people, with one of them claiming to have received 5 calls per minute from people inquiring about receiving a free Tesla. Oy.

Tesla Twitter

The compromised Twitter account had its name changed to #RIPPRGANG, and a flurry of ridiculous tweets were posted before the account had been locked down. On account of the fact that both Tesla's website and Twitter accounts were breached, it really makes one wonder about how lax the company's security measures have been. It also raises yet another red flag towards Twitter - accounts are compromised all the time - to the point where seeing it happen feels like an everyday thing at this point.

I guess if there's any lesson to come from this, it's to use secure passwords, and improve your security practices.