Habey USA Reveals Fanless, Atom-Based WIT-1800 Desktop

Habey USA is a company best known for producing small, quiet, fanless machines that are easily hidden. These desktops have grown progressively more powerful over the years, and the newest model steps things up with a lot of expansion options. The new WIT-1800 is an Atom-based unit (embedded PC) with four mini-PCIe slots, dual SIM slots for 3G support and an ICH8M chipset.

The Atom N450 is at the core, and with two SIM slots, this little desktop can get online nearly anywhere. It's designed for use in the field, where Wi-Fi may not readily be available. It also supports SSDs and has a VGA output, a serial port, two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, one CF slot and two SMA sockets for 3G antennas. It's also compact and fanless, which leads to near-silent operation. No pricing information is available yet, but with a niche device like this, we suspect it will be expensive.

HABEY USA introduces WIT-1800, a fanless embedded PC with four mini-PCIe slots and dual 3G wireless support
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  -  October 29, 2010  -- HABEY USA, a leading manufacturer of embedded computers and server storage products, today announces WIT-1800, a compact Intel Atom based fanless embedded PC with four mini-PCIe slots, dual SIM and 3G wireless support. The WIT-1800 is developed around Intel's power-efficient Atom N450 and D410 processors plus ICH8M chipset. This unique four built-in mini-PCIe design enables the system to support two 3G mini-PCIe modules for dual 3G wireless communication as well as WiFi, SSD and other mini-PCIe devices.  Standard interfaces include: one VGA port supports up to 2048x1536, one serial port, two USB 2.0 ports, one Intel 82574 Gigabit Ethernet port, one SATA port, one CF socket and two SMA sockets for 3G antennas. The compact fanless enclosure is based on HABEY’s highly efficient ICEFIN™ proprietary thermal design.

The WIT-1800's industrial grade embedded board, SSD (solid-state drive) support, rugged ultra-compact fanless enclosure design make it perfect for wireless communication appliances, mobile/in-vehicle 3G network, fleet management and communication, 3G/Cellular-Based Digital Signage, 3G wireless routing or testing,  mobile video surveillance and security and many other 3G wireless related embedded pc applications.

Key Advantages:
- Utilizes the Intel Atom single core N450 or dual core D410
- Four Mini-PCIE slots support 3G, SSD, WiFI and more
- Two SIM slots and two antenna sockets for 3G wireless communication   
- Built in CF, mini-PCIe SSD and 2.5” SATA SSD/HDD support
- Highly efficient ICEFIN™ proprietary thermal design
- Supports Windows, Windows Embedded, Windows 7 & Linux

Model: WIT-1800
Mainboard: WIT-1800
Chipset: Intel Atom N450 or D410+ ICH8M
Processor: Intel Atom N450 (5.5W) or D410 (10W) 1.66 GHz
RAM: 1x DDR2 SODIMM, support up to 2GB
Display: Display Interface1x VGA, support 2048x1536 (D410) or 1400x1050 (N450)
Graphics: Intel Atom N450/D410 integrated GMA3150
Graphic Memory: Dynamic share 256 MB video memory
Compact Flash: 1x Compact Flash Slot, Support Type II Compact Flash
SSD: 1x Mini-PCIE with SATA SSD support, 1x 2.5” SSD bay, support SATA II
HDD: 1x 2.5” internal HDD bay, support SATA II
COM: 1x Serial port (RJ45) RS-232
USB: 2x Rear USB2.0
Audio: N/A
SIM Slots: 2x SIM slots for Mini-PCIE 3G modem
3G: 2 x SMA socket, support 2x 3G RP-SMA Antenna
Ethernet: 1x 1000Mbps Ethernet (RJ45), Intel 82574
Expansion: 2x Mini-PCIE compatible with Huawei EM770W & EM560 3G module,
                    1x Mini-PCIE slot with SSD support,
                    1x standard Mini-PCIE slot
System Control: Reset button, automatically power up on restoration of power, watchdog reset
LED Indicator: 2 x SIM status LEDs, 1 x Power LED, 1 x HDD LED 1 x System Status LED
Power Supply: DC +12V
Cooling System: “ICEFIN” fanless cooling system
OS Support: Supports Windows Embedded, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Linux
Operation Temperature: 0 ºC - 45 ºC (32ºF - 113 ºF) standard, -5 ºC - 55 ºC (23ºF – 131 ºF) for up to 48 hours usage
Storage Temperature: -15 ºC - 65 ºC (5ºF - 149 ºF)
Dimension: 245 mm×156 mm×54.5 mm (W×D×H)
Materials: Aluminum + Steel
Coating Processes: Aluminum Oxidation
Mounting: Wall Mount Ready
Color: Black (default), custom color available on OEM order
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